Plants micro-propagation techniques
Personalized courses.
Date is suited with the participants.
EEA San Pedro.
Addressees: Professionals or managers, (groups of 3 as maximum)
Content: Micro-propagation, meristemas cultivation, formulation of cultivation means.

Beekeeping, profitable activity
Santa Fe's Ministry of Production announced the realization of the following courses: Beekeeping, a profitable activity that will be processed through "Telepuerto del Litoral". The engineer Oscar Sibilín will dictate. The objective is to qualify producers to achieve a rational and profitable handling of the beekeeping activity.
The contents include, among other items:

  • Bees' Constructions
  • Food of the beehives, illnesses, production of nuclei and queens
  • Pollen as an agricultural product, harvest and commercialization
  • National legislation.

The beekeepers can obtain information of the course in the Satellite Classrooms of the counties of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Córdoba and Corrientes.


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