Argentina. In San Juan Province, exceptional property, with agricultural-cattle raising aptitude, and possibilities of mineralogical exploitation, with iron locations, copper and wolframio

Tudcum-San Juan

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Tudcum Field         

South America Argentina San Juan Province


TUDCUM district, Iglesias department, San Juan prov. at 180Km northwest from the province capital.
Its surface is 93,455 ha., with 2,922 ha. and 2,500 m2 of sold land with no boundaries yet established.

Location map of Tudcum Field

TUDCUM district, Iglesias department, San Juan province at 180Km northwest from the province capital.
Its surface is 93,455 hectares, with 2,922 hectares and 2,500 m2 of sold land with no boundaries yet established.

Its limits are:
To the East: Route 201 which goes through the towns of Rodeo, Tudcum, Pismanta and the Jachal river.
To the West: Coconta Mountains
To the South: Gañizul Farm
To the North: Colaguil Creek and Jachal River

Within the field it self, there are two roads:

  1. One that goes to Remo creek and it is 30 Km long approximately
  2. The other one goes from Tudcum to the Republic of Chile (to a place known as La Hedionda); going through Priest Valley. This one is about 60Km long.

The most important highways near by are:
Route 201, which runs parallel to the field’s East side.
Route 150, which runs from The Flowers to Black Waters, 10 Km from the Chilean boarder.

The fields counts with important water channels with a rate of flow of about 6 m3/sec. Most of them start and end within the field so the uses of the water do not require any special permit.

A field of its size, its type of weather and its geographical location, is undoubtedly perfect for cattle farming.

To ration the exploitation, special areas for hay farming can be utilize which will make a complete cattle production cycle possible.

An estimated 4,000 to 5,000 heads of cattle can be sustained with its natural resources.

Taking into consideration the field’s surface with access to water, it is very much suitable for agriculture. With little inversion, about 3,000 hectares can be setup with an irrigation system. About 1,000 hectares of intensive and fine cultivations can produce equivalent or even superior profits to that of cattle farming.

From a mineralogy point of view, the area counts with important iron, copper and in less proportion, wolfram that has a high strategic value.

There are certified water studies.

List of deposits in the field:

Nómina de yacimientos ubicados en el terreno:

  1. BOR II                                              Copper
  2. CALCO II                                               "
  3. COLANGUIL                                           "
  4. COLANGUIL A                                        "
  5. COLANGUIL B                                        "
  6. COLANGUIL B                                        "
  7. COLANGUIL F                                        "
  8. LA FORNUNA                                         "
  9. LA ESTRELLA                                        "
  10. LA UNION                                              "
  11. COCONTA                                         Wolframio
  12. DON ESTEBAN                                        "
  13. LA ENERTINA                                         "
  14. MENDOZA                                              "

Besides these minerals, possibilities for the exploration of other minerals does exist (copper, led, arsenic, silver, etc)

There are bentonite and kaolin mines in the property (Apt for paper makers), and Lapizlazuli samples have been found as well.






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