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Development of the venturesome quality in the agricultural small producers

Source: Crecerpyme It is necessary that the micro and small agricultural company (MyPEA) they enter to the culture of the quality like requirement to be supplying of matters cousins of the companies of transformation of foods and derived products of the field, or to companies that have the desire to enter to this new form of life and power to be but competitive in this market globalizador.

It is also directed to agricultural managers that have the necessity to improve their company and/or to either develop new project through products, processes or services that will allow them to be more competitive by means of the development of the venturesome potential, a "entrepreneur" (venturesome that takes the risk of new company), or who through their potential "intrapreneur" (inside the same company) it undertakes new challenges in the development of products, systems or low service an outline of culture of Continuous Improvement.

The producing of an agricultural mype should learn how to go recognizing the reality of the means in that is unwrapped, orderly their reason of existing as company, their existential differentials in the competitive market, as well as the added value that you/they present their products and/or services in the agricultural industry.

This will allow him to know the opportunities and threats that exist in the atmosphere, as well as the forces and personal threats, the same thing that those of the company. He/she will also make that it can identify the necessity, opportunity or inconveniences and to develop a program with systemic focus toward the client's satisfaction (so much internal as external), of Venturesome Quality.

At the end of the process he/she should be carried out a diagnosis and analysis of their current situation, a characterization of the company, as well as the development of a model characteristic of Continuous Improvement for their company in particular.

The interested one will also have to develop the capacity to train their personnel in this culture, as well as the definition of standard of evaluation for their pursuit and improvement. He/she will be able to jerarquizar their problems and necessities, to outline solution measures, to put goals, objectives and action plans, and to implement the culture of the cycle of continuous improvement.

Of course that changes of this magnitude demand that the whole company shares the vision-mission, and once established the commitments and taken to the practice this will facilitate any modification in the established system.

A good principle for the mypes is to be considered committed with the quality from the beginning; to require work minds and not work hands, for this way to be able to use the venturesome potential of the members of the company. The goal is to create a competitive company where all those involved are benefitted.


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