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The Impact of Agricultural Trade Policies on Developing Countries

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Agronomy News: Nitrogen Fertilizer


Managing Variability on Your Farm

Today we live in the age of information technology and agricultural operations are no exception to the explosion in technology. Crop production variability in farmers' fields has been an age-old problem and modern agriculture stills faces the challenges of managing this variability


Genetically Modified Crops
Developments in transgenic technology require a continuing effort to inform the public
There are exciting breakthroughs in research and new genetically modified (GM) crops, but at the same time public debate about GM crops and foods has intensified


Crop Production with Limited Water
During years with low water availability, a number of management adjustments are needed to best utilize available water for crop production. Recent near record snowfall in some areas of Colorado has greatly improved mountain snow pack conditions with NRCS SNOTEL sites reporting from 72 to 108 percent of average snow water equivalents, while other parts of the state have recently received much needed rain


The manufacture of pharmaceutical products in plants has been among the promised benefits of plant genetic engineering for nearly 20 years. This application of biotechnology, sometimes known as “pharming”, “bio-pharming”, or “molecular farming,” has now moved beyond the realm of speculation into the experimental testing phase in fields and greenhouses


Accelerated Lamb Production
AGRICULTURAL ALTERNATIVES-Accelerated Lamb ProductionAn effective method for increasing revenue from a lamb production enterprise is to increase the number of lambs produced per ewe each year. With high-level management and production skills, it is possible to produce three lamb crops per ewe every two years


Planning Ahead

Bee Keeping researchsHoney bees produce or collect a variety of products that benefit people. These products include honey, beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis. Although honey bees can be managed to produce large quantities of these products, they are especially valued for the major role they play in pollination.


Highbush Blueberry Production

Blueberries are well suited for small-scale and part-time farm operations. The initial investment is large, primarily because of the cost of preparing the land, establishing plants, and installing an irrigation system



Dairy-beef Production
Production of high-quality dairy-beef is relatively new to the beef industry and depends almost entirely on Holstein bull calves. Until recently, most Holstein calves were sold for veal


Costs and Forecasts  —This new multimedia briefing from ERS highlights important facts in our latest farm income forecast.


One Third of World's Population ­ 2.7 Billion People ­ Will Experience Severe Water Scarcity By 2025

One third of the world's population will experience severe water scarcity within the next 25 years according to a new study by a leading global water organization.


Asparagus Production
Asparagus ProductionAsparagus is a perennial crop that lends itself well to small-scale and part-time farming operations. Multiple markets exist for growers with five acres or less, and many field operations such as land preparation and planting, which require machinery, can be custom hired


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