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Afforestation: cultivation technology and market possibilities

Source: Inta

There are many species to forestry, mainly in the region pampeana. The most important is the white wooden eucalyptus, eucalyptus globulus; eucalyptus vivinalis and eucalyptus duni. Poplars can also be implanted, and in the mountain area and dunícola, pines.

In the southeast region of the county of Buenos Aires, and in fact in the triangle that the cities of Necochea, Mar del Plata and Balcarce form they have been carried out exploitations that can give a rule of the market possibilities for this activity. This area imposes a species, the eucalyptus globulus subspecies globulus that is the one that is exporting at the moment from Necochea to Japan and Europe.

This eucalyptus is used in chips form to make cellulose, with which paper of high quality is achieved.

The agroecológics  conditions make that this species is present until the city of Buenos Aires toward the north, but the tree doesn't grow well, it is not comfortable and for that reason it twists its wood.

The climate is the fundamental factor to determine the most appropriate conditions of growth. He/she needs fresh summers, the temperatures stockings of January have to be understood between the 19 and 21 centigrade grades.

The eucalyptus globulus has 4 subspecieses: globulus, maidenis, viscostata and seudoglobulus, these last 3 subspecieses present conditions to adapt since to more continental climates they support hotter summers and more rigorous winters.

The Inta is making a net of rehearsals proving origins of species and subspecieses of eucalyptus globulus to find the one that better he/she adapts to each area.

If we refer to the possibilities of the market we can say that, for the southeast region of the county of Buenos Aires with the eucalyptus globulus, one of them is the export of plump and wooden chips through the port of Necochea. For there is it two companies that are working, exporting rolls to Europe or wooden chips to Japan.

We have to have present that exists a forest subsidy that grants the Nation, through the Secretary of Agriculture that is of approximately 140 pesos for forest hectare  and pays it to the year and half or two years of having carried out the afforestation.

On the part of the county of Buenos Aires there is an incentive plan to the afforestation, through the Ministry of Agrarian Matters, granting to the producer the plantín without cost. With this the development of the afforestation is favoring, since between the nation and the county they cover between the 70 and 80% of the cost of the installation of a forest cultivation.

A hectare of eucalyptus globulus can surrender between 350 and 400 tons, and in mount in foot is paid between 10 and 12 dollars the ton.

Once facts the numbers are to make it profitable, dedicating the acceptable floors, without competing with other traditional activities inside the establishment


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